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10/3- Three Tippling Thoughts

1- Rim Job - We’ve been seeing a surfeit of cocktails being rimmed with flavored salts. Always been enthusiasts but it has to compliment the ingredients and not detract from what’s in the glass. 2- October-feast - Don’t mind a seasonal brew featuring pumpkin, but some of these beers are excessively heavy. A brew and chew. 3- Mix-o-llywood -  With America’s fascination about all […] Read more »

9/29- Three Tippling Thoughts

1- There’s A Dog In My Glass- Such a turnoff to get a stinky glass of wine in a fine dining establishment. That fine stench smell of dog breath in the glass is definitely not appealing. You don’t always get what you pay for. 2- K Is For Kocks - Really? What the world didn’t need was another show […] Read more »

9/26- Three Tippling Thoughts

1- Don’t Do Coke - Who is in position to take over take on Coca-Cola’s (and Pepsi, for that matter) strangled hold on the soda gun/fountain installation and product distribution for the service industry? Sure there are many fast and causal dining establishments looking to move away from GMO’s in their beverages. 2- Water Under The Bridge - […] Read more »

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