Let’s just get it out there: The Tippling Bros. like tequila. A lot.

And if you’re curious about what other magic you can make with this popular spirit besides your go-to classic margarita, then you’re in good hands.

With Tad and Paul as your trusty (and spirited!) tour guides through the world of Mexican-inspired drinks, you’ll discover all things tequila and mezcal, from traditional sips to craft cocktails to spicy concoctions. We’re talking fresh and flavorful beverages like the San Fresa Frizz... the Smokey Pablo... the Dizzy Oaxacan Punch... plus 70 other ways to expand your tequila-drinking horizons. Plus, there’s handy info like the history of the spirit and the differences between various types, and bonus recipes for aguas frescas, syrups, and salts - so with this book in hand, you’ll be all set on all things agave.

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